Training obligation according to Directive 11

Persons subject to the training obligation : All your firm’s bodies (members of partnerships, managing members of limited liability companies, members of boards of directors or of foundation boards or of association committees and all other management members with general powers) and for all your subordinated employees, trainees and auxiliaries taking part in your business subject to the MLA, including your MLA Officer.

MLA basic training : The programme of the basic training courses shall cover in a general way the duties of financial intermediaries in MLA matters..

CoD basic training : Seminars for the presentation of the rules of the Code of Deontology (CoD) applicable to ARIF members subject thereto.

MLA continuous training : Continued training courses shall be specific to a particular financial intermediary activity (asset management, foreign exchange etc.) or to a particular subject.

Frequency of attendance

MLA training : Within six months following affiliation to ARIF and, for new management bodies, employees or subordinated auxiliaries, within six months of their being hired. During each reference period following the period of their basic training the persons subject to training must attend half a day of continued training. The reference period for attendance of continued training courses shall run from January 1st of each odd year to December 31st of the following even year. Exceptionally, the reference period runs from July 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020.

CoD training : Within twelve months following adherence to the Code of Deontology and, for new management bodies, employees or subordinated auxiliaries, within twelve months of their being hired.