Obligation of training according to the Directive 11

Persons required to attend training courses: All your bodies (members of partnerships or of limited liability companies, members of boards of directors or of foundation boards or of association committees and all other management members with general powers) and for all your subordinated employees and auxiliaries taking part in matters governed by the MLA, including your MLA Officer.

MLA Basic course : The programme of the basic training course will cover in a general way the duties of the financial intermediary in MLA matters.

Basic course relating to the Code de deontology : Seminars for the presentation of the rules of the Code of Deontology applicable to ARIF members subject thereto.

Workshops : Continued or advanced training courses shall be specific to one particular activity of the financial intermediary (asset management, foreign exchange, etc.) or to a particular subject.

Frequency :

MLA training : Within 6 months of affiliation to ARIF or, for new employees, within 6 months of their engagement: 1 day of basic training. During each reference period following the period of their basic training the persons subject to training must attend half a day of continued training. The reference year for attendance of continued training courses runs from the 1st of July of each odd year to the 30th of June of the following odd year.

Training relating to the CoD : Within 12 months of submission to the ARIF Code of Deontology or, for new employees, within 12 months of their engagement: 1 day of basic training relating to the CoD.

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