ARIF Client Advisor Register Registration renewal

According to FinSA, client advisors are required to renew their registration every 2 years.

The 2-year period begins on the date of entry in the register or on the date of the last renewal.

Registered advisers can obtain the expiry date of their current period of validity by logging into their account on the register platform. The date is displayed on the page that appears after logging in with their email and password.

In order to renew his or her registration, each registered adviser must prove that he or she has completed continuing training on FinSA (in addition to the initial training he or she had to complete to obtain registration).

Registered advisers must enroll in one of the continuing training courses recognised by the register and attach the certificate of participation to their renewal application.

The online renewal procedure is opened automatically 3 months before the expiry date of the registration validity. Advisors are notified by email at the time the procedure is available to them.

The renewal form :

  • enables the deposit of the certificate of participation in continuing training,
  • requests confirmation that the advisor is still employed by the financial service provider(s) mentioned in his/her registration, that his/her criminal record is unchanged, and that the other main data of his/her registration are unchanged.

The advisor must modify his/her data if any of them have changed.

The renewal form must be submitted to the register, using the «Save and submit» or «Submit» buttons. This submission must be made no later than the expiry date of the validity of the registration, otherwise the registration will be struck off. It is not possible to submit the form on the platform after the expiry date.

The renewal date, if submitted on time and approved, is the expiry date.

The renewal fee must be paid in advance, using the payment method proposed by the platform when the form is submitted (qr-invoice or credit card).

The ARIF Client Advisor Register