Target audience

Financial intermediaries (ARIF members and members of other SROs)

The courses are also open to the following people:

  • Asset management companies (qualified managers, compliance officers and employees)
  • Trustees (qualified managers, compliance officers and staff)
  • Auditors (SRO + SO)
  • Any interested public

Content and duration of the courses

Basic MLA seminars :

The programme of the basic training courses covers in general the obligations of financial intermediaries with regard to the MLA. Duration: full day

MLA continuing education seminars :

These training courses, which last 3 or 4 hours, are specific to the activities of financial intermediaries (asset managers, trustees, fiduciary activities, trading, foreign exchange, etc.) or to a particular current topic.

Training requirements for ARIF members

Basic MLA training:                               6h regulatory basic training (MLA)

Continuous MLA training:                     min. 3h every 2 years, regulatory continuing education (MLA)

Training obligations (Directive 11 ARIF)

Persons subject to training :

All organs (partners of partnerships or limited companies, members of boards of directors, foundation boards or committees of associations, and all other members of the management with general powers), as well as for all employees and subordinate auxiliaries involved in business subject to the MLA, including the MLA officer.


Basic AMLA training:

Within 6 months of joining ARIF or, for new employees, within 6 months of their appointment (1 day of basic training).

MLA Continuing Education :

In each of the reference periods following that of their basic training, persons subject to training must attend half a day of continuing training. The reference period for participation in continuing training courses runs from 1 January of each odd-numbered year to 31 December of the following even-numbered year.

Validation / recognition possibilities

Basic AMLA training :
Basic MLA training (ARIF members):YES
MLA continuing education (ARIF members): NO
Asset Management Companies (qualified managers, compliance officers and staff) :YES
Trustees (qualified managers, compliance officers and staff):YES
Register Councillors : NO
SAQ (CWMA recertification) : NO
Auditors: YES
MLA Continuing Education :
Basic MLA training (ARIF members): YES (1/2-day)
MLA continuing education (ARIF members): YES
Asset Management Companies (qualified managers, compliance officers and staff): YES
Trustees (qualified managers, compliance officers and staff):YES
Register Councillors :NO
SAQ (CWMA recertification) :YES (not all)
Auditors : YES


All training courses provided by ARIF automatically give the right to a certificate sent directly to the employer.

If you require specific certificates (CWMA, other registers, etc.), please indicate this when you register.







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